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Charles County Community College offers both a Certificate and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Environmental Technology.  The Certificate requires the successful completion of 31 credit hours from selected courses.   The Associate in Applied Science in Environmental Technology is awarded after the completion of 60 credit hours.  Course are offered during the day and evening in a variety of formats including web-based, telecourse, laboratory, and traditional lecture.   The programs are focused on preparing students  for careers as environmental analysts, field service technicians, geologist technicians, installation technicians or remediation technicians. Propspective students are invited to review the full list of course offerings and descriptions in the program.


ENV 1300 Environmental Science and ENV 1300L Environmental Science Laboratory are offered as telecourses.

The telecourses provide students with an opportunity to earn college credit in Environmental Science without having to attend traditional classes.  Call or email for more information!

Or visit the course content and course offerings and descriptions page

The proposed class offerings in the Environmental Technology Program are tentatatively scheduled as follows:

ENV 1300 Environmental Science &
ENV 1300L Laboratory
Spring 2000 Telecourse
ENV 1400 Environmental Law and Regulations  Spring 2000
ENV 1800 Environmental Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis &
ENV 1800L  Laboratory
Spring 2000
ENV 1600 Introduction to Soils &
ENV 1600L Laboratory
Spring 2000
BIO 1700 Introduction to Ecology &
BIO 1700L Laboratory
Fall 2000
ENV 1700 Hydrology Fall 2000

Some of these courses have prerequisites.  Consult the 1998-2000 Charles County Community College Catalog for details.  Questions regarding the prerequisites, equivalent knowledge or experience should be directed to Assistant Professor Thorne Abbott at (301) 934 7814 or ThorneA@charles.cc.md.us or the Department Chair, Professor William Montgomery.

Syllabi, notes, and presentations are available for purview at the Course Home Page. You may view information on-line for several courses including; Environmental Science (ENV1300), Environmental Law (ENV1400), Environmental Soils (ENV 1600), and Botany (BIO1010). This schedule is subject to change.  Consult the course schedule.

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