Professor Comments

Grandma got run over by Santa's Sleigh.....a song has suggested that we ... kill off ... all those old bitties.  Particularly all those women that out live the Men by a decade or so.  Plus, they clog up our malls and public transportation.  Think how much quicker the bus would be if we didn't have that bag lady taking it for a 1 block ride, getting on and off with 3 bags of shoes for her grandkids, and struggling with her purse to get out her AARP / AAA discount card!

Or better yet LOGANS RUN!!!  If you recall (I am dating myself here) in Logan's Run ALL people were zapped at age 32, the end of useful life for members of society as determined by the government.  Until that age you could play, work, and educate and the government covered all the costs.  I REALLY like the idea of focusing on the elderly rather than the yet-to-be-born.  It provides some GREAT alternative perspective.  But it is far less ethical too kill someone already alive as oppossed to a glint in someones eye.

In England, if you are over 65 and need major surgery (such as a liver transplant or dialysis) you are wait listed after younger people.  Cruelity too Grandma?  Probably!  Of course, you can BUY the surgery anytime you want.  But if the government is going to subsidize the operation, then you are on the wait list.  Is that wrong for socialized medicine?  Is the USA headed to socialized medicine?

So with all these baby boomers getting grey hairs, should the rest of us work to keep them???

Great points of discussion!  

[Mind you....that my intro here is stated in a humorous context - and isn't meant to offend anyones grandmother, including my own]