Adaption Rates

A colleague states:
"It is believed that we are currently on the decline of an ice age, meaning that the global warming process is natural. This is not to say that there is not concern on the topic of global warming, we are merely speeding up the process, we feel the affects because we're also changing the tolerance points for ourselves. The passionate enviornmentalist, maybe overcome with emotion, often overlooks facts as these, and global warming becomes stereotyped as a social evil that we absolutely must rid ourselves of if we are to survive".

It is quite probably true that we are at the decline of an ice age, that the Earth is warming up, that this is a natural process, and that anthropogenic (man-made) activities are speeding up this process. So, our colleague has made a valid point. But what about those 'tolerance' points.

That is to say, how quickly can we, and the rest of the biotic (living .vs. abiotic or non-living) ADAPT to these tolerance points. Life, and ecosystems are not static (standing still), rather they are dynamic (constantly changing). So, if all your colleagues statements are true, what, if anything should we do about GW. 

Please post:      what you think we should do, and why! with the emphasis on why!