Population Growth

In Assignment #3 you learned about population pyramids or 'cohorts'. In addition, you provided an essay that addressed some of the aspects of using and implementing population pyramids. The purpose of this conference is for you to take your learning one step further and discuss the application of this information, just as a demographer or future planner might in a meeting with decision-makers.

For this Conference you represent a leading NGO (non-government organization) and you are armed with the data and your analysis from Assignment #3. Your fellow students represent decision-makers at USAID (United States Agency for International Development). http://www.usaid.gov

Your challenge is to 'lobby' them for allocations of funding. That is, if you were in charge of giving foreign aid to these three countries today, what programs, projects, or services would you want to fund? Keep it brief, but tell us what is your rationale for this recommendation.

Once you have made your suggestions, review your fellow classmates recommendations and comment on at least four of them.