Trophic Structure

You have read an excerpt entitled "Killer Whales Eating Sea Otters". You also answered several questions concerning species interations. Please consider the following additional questions for this conference. The questions are slightly different than the ones you answered in the Assignment.

First, what will occur with the whales if the otters in the area become extinct?

Second, given that the otters are not yet extinct, what management action might you take too ameolorate or minimize this situation?

Third, what does this suggest relative to 'trophic structure' and biodiversity?

Fourth and most importantly, what are benefits of preserving biodiversity?

You should understand the different terms for species and their interactions. For example; symbiosis, commensular verse mutualistic relationships, keystone and flagship species, and predator / prey relations.

For a list of environmental terms and an example of trophic structure go to: and