Unintended Consequences

Simple habits we can change that have significant impacts on global warming, water pollution and energy use. I too, LOVE my hot showers. In fact, I normally take a hot shower right before I jump under the covers to go to bed, which also allows me to turn down the thermostat for the evening by a few more degrees. Likewise, I do the same in the morning and then wear a sweater and heavier socks as I saunder about the house. Habits are hard too change, but they probably have some of the greatest influences on our personal contribution to environmental quality.

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I have placed several links relating to the unintended consequences of global warming. Keep in mind that one thing AMERICANS do more than almost any other culture is DRIVE TO WORK!. Are you sitting at your computer right now? Could you be 'Telecommuting' to work? Did you know that a company in Manasas specializes in "Office Hotelling" and "Telecommuting" to ease peoples commutes to DC?

Lastly, here is a bit of perspective....One country uses 25% of the Earth's energy resources and has 5% of the worlds population. One country has 25% of the worlds population and uses 5% of the Earth's resources. Post your nominations for the two countrys and thoughts about the differences in the daily lives of its citizens. Why is their resource utilization so very different?