Books & Materials for GNSC 361

Please note that you should have all of the following reading materials when starting the course.
They are also located under the syllabus/course materials section.

Botkin, D.B.&Keller, E.A. Environmental Science,2000 3rd ed., Wiley
NOTE:  a 4th edition is available.  For the purposes of this course,
refer to the TITLE of the Chapter, then page numbers, I don't have
the new, 4th edition in my possession as of the writing of this syllabus.

Carson. Silent Spring,1962, Houghton-Mufflin

Daily. Nature's Services,1997, Island Press

Goldfarb. Notable Selections in Environmental Studies, 2000, Dushkin

Jaffe, Mark. And No Birds Sing,1997, Barricade Books Inc., ISBN: 1-56980-109-6
NOTE:  you may find it difficult to buy this book, however I strongly encourage
you to get it from a used book store in your community, the local library or online from Amazon.
Every student found it to be a worthwile and FUN!!! read!

Reserve Readings:
Middleton, N., P. O'Keefe, and S. Moyo. The Tears of the Crocodile, 1993, Pluto Press
You may be able to download this reading from webtycho using Adobe Acrobat under
syllabus/course materials/reserved readings.  But I will not use it for exam purposes.