Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my homework assignment to my teacher?

You can post ALL of your assignments to the "Assignments" area of WebTycho.
Acceptable formats are rtf, doc, html, and xls.  If you use html, make sure the lines and paragraphs
do not fully run on into one another.  It is difficult to read uninterupted text for three pages.

PLEASE put the title of the assignment (HW#1) and your NAME on each page,
as well as page numbers where appropriate such as term papers.

You may also submit by mail, but it is not preferred.  Three homework assignments (nos. 1,4,5)
should easily post into the assignments section on the Webtycho screen.  Two homework
assignments (nos. 2,3) may be challenging if you have not used a spreadsheet program.  If you
are truly stumped you can submit these by email or regular mail to your teacher.  Finally, if you do
send something by mail, please include your return address so I can return the graded copy to you.

Your teacher's address is:
Thorne Abbott
PO Box 359
Solomons, MD 20688

Is it all right to mail it Express or overnight mail?
Yes, but it is preferred that you first try posting your homeworks & papers to WebTycho's assignment area.
Also, make sure that the delivery service can deliver to a PO Box.  You may have to waive the
signature on your teacher's end because I won't be able to sign for it!! Better yet, mail it in a timely
fashion using US Postal Service.

Where should I send my papers?
Papers should be posted in the assignment section.

What software should I use?
Please use WORD or HTML or RTF (rich text format).

When should I send email messages to my teacher?
Always when something is not clear. Always ask first so you do not get frustrated. Also, voice your
frustration if you are a first-time user. Webtycho needs some getting used-to but after a while you
will be fine.  You can also ask questions in the "Ask the Prof.." Conference.

Why do I have to write/hand in outlines of my papers?
To assure you are on the right track.

Where do I send my outlines?
Send it as an email message to your instructor or post it in the assignment section.

Must I participate in the conferences?
Yes, you must. This is the equivalent of your oral grade. You also learn quite a bit from the
conferences and interacting with other students perspectives and ideas.

How do I find out when the due dates are for our homework assignments and our papers?
They will be listed in the "course schedule". You get to this schedule by clicking on "syllabus" and then
"course schedule".

What is the course content?
Click on "course content" and then on "course module". The text in the course module is testable
material and is expected to be read!!

What are the Self-Assessment Questions?
The self-assessment questions are there to guide you through the most important material of the
module (a module contains three lessons). They are a way for you to test your knowledge. Don't look
at the answers right away.

Does our teacher want to see how we answer these questions?
No. I assume you would check the answer.

What is the material that is on the reserved reading list and where can I get it?
The material can be downloaded directly from webtycho. You can then print it out to read it, or
peruse the material directly on your computer. Note that if you have slow internet access you may
wish to use the smaller files (noted below the titles in the reserved reading section).

Where or how should I contact my instructor?
The best way to contact me is through email. I have two emails listed: