Term Paper

Before you send off your second paper to me, I would like you to know the following:


1. Please cite whenever you take a complete phrase (this includes changing 1 or 2 words) from somebody else's work. If you don't and I find a passage, then I will have to report you for plagiarism. This is a strict rule with UMUC and I hope you all are aware of it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't put me in a position of failing you because of plagiarism!!! enough said.

2. If you cite a web site, make sure that I can access it. This means that you have to go way back to get to a home page at times, this also tells you who the real author is.

3. If you include numbers, ALWAYS cite. They do not come from you.

4. If you provide a summary of something you read, make sure the source is known. This usually just needs an endnote at the end of the paragraph.

5. Please look at the website "Getting started" that I included under the projects section (towards the end). Bibliography: Here come example as to how to put a web site correctly into your bibliography. They are taken from your modules (the commentary section) and you can look for more examples there:

A] An article that is available online and in a magazine: May, Robert M. "How Many Species Are There on Earth?" Science, 247 (January-March 1988): 1441?49, p. 1447 available at: http://www.ciesin.org/docs/002-253/002-253.html accessed November 1999.

B] An article that is available online only (as far as you know): World Resources Institute. Biodiversity: Ecosystems and Habitats. Washington, DC: WRI, 1989, at http://www.wri.org/wri/biodiv/ecosys.html#elements accessed November 1999.

C] The (British) Natural History Museum. "Biodiversity: Measuring the Variety of Nature and Selecting Priority Areas for Conservation." London: NHM, 1999, at http://www.nhm.ac.uk/science/projects/worldmap/index.html accessed November 1999.

Length of Paper:

6. In the project section I describe the paper to be 9 to 12 pages, double spaced. This means ten or more, maybe nine pages of text and one of references. Please do not give me a 5 or 6 page paper and expect it too be sufficient. Dot pointed paragraphs, unless incorporated into a larger framework, is not acceptable. There is so much information out there, that I am sure you can do better than that. Also, make sure your grammer and the structure of your paper are of college level quality. I am not looking for volumes of information but rather a well-constructed, well planned defense of [your] particular opinion or perspective reinforced by facts and opinions from experts and authors in the field. You're trying to convince your audience that your perspective is scientifically and socially / culturally valid. So make your paper sound credible, underscore your ideas with citations and reference facts, and reflect that your perspective rests on sound judgement.

7. Make sure you get the outline to me. I may give you more ideas!! And it is a good way of not failing altogether. How can I not like something that I approved!!