Welcome to Distance Education (DE)!

My name is Thorne Abbott. I will be providing you with instruction in Global
Environmental Science (GNSC361) over the next 15 weeks.

In recent years, scientists and policy makers have become keenly aware of the global, inter-connected nature of our living environment. Consequently, we are ALL involved in the health and welfare of the world that we live in today, and the quality of life we leave for our children.

I am looking forward to sharing a diversity of ideas, perpectives, and attitudes regarding our individual, community, social and cultural ability to act as good stewards for future generations of planet Earth.

I believe that technology and society have moved to a point where the most important influence on environmental quality and conservation is often the public (i.e. you). The advent of the Information Revolution provides you with enormous power and an efficient manner in which too shape the world and the environment around you.  Everything from water quality monitoring to new housing  development permits to the location of industrial complexs lies within your grasp and awareness.  The fact that you are taking this course on-line with other students, some of whom may be physically located very far away, attests to the power of this new era. We, as a class, will be sharing our individual ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and opinions on how to solve and manage the impact humanity has on our neighborhood, our region, and on our global environment.

The ability to create a synergy from these discussions with people of all types, many of whom you would never normally meet, is what makes the Information Revolution and YOUR use of it so very strong.

My father once told me that someday in the future we would have a 'Global Weather Report' on the evening news. I never took it seriously, but now days I listen to Dan Rather as he provides the El~Nino report on the CBS Evening News. Perhaps my father realized that someday we could ALL be knowing stewards of our Earth.

I look forward to increasing our capacity to understand the challenges, complexities, and uncertainties inherent in Global Environmental Science and what each of us can do to be good stewards of the Earth.