Maui Ocean Sphere

We helped the Maui Ocean Center obtain government approvals for this first of its kind structure in Maui. Working with the architect, contractor and project manager we successfully obtained a Special Management Area permit, Shoreline Setback Approval, Flood Development Permit, Building and Grading permits for this significant educational expansion of the aquarium. The sphere offers planetarium / star gazing education, way finding and traditional navigating, and a presentation space for non-profit organizations. Visitors enter via an interactive educational whale exhibit as one walks through a replica of a life size whale’s body to arrive at the sphere with its three dimensional astonishing educational film about Humpback Whales where you can immerse yourself and nearly reach out and touch them.

The Sphere Theatre at the Maui Ocean Center & Aquarium

The new Sphere at the Maui Ocean Center allows visitors to see life-size images of humpback whales. (Bryan Berkowitz / Maui Ocean Center)

The Humpbacks of Hawaii exhibit leads visitors on a journey through the migratory lives of humpback whales.
(Bryan Berkowitz / Maui Ocean Center)