Education & Degrees

•Doctoral Program: PhD – abd
 University of Maryland
 Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science
 GPA ~3.14, January, 2001
 College Park, MD, USA

•Masters of Environmental Management
 James Cook University
 Environmental Management
 GPA equivalent 3.5, September, 1995
 Department of Environmental Studies & Geography, Townsville, Australia

•Environmental Studies Certificate
 University of Hawaii Environmental Planning
 graduate curriculum; GPA 3.6
 Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Honolulu, HI, USA
 January, 1993.

•Bachelor of Arts
 West Virginia University
 Environmental Science curriculum; GPA 3.0
 Morgantown, WV, USA
 December, 1993.

•Graduate Curricullum

 Coastal Zone Management & Marine Protection
 Advanced Watershed Management and Hydrology
 Environmental Planning and Development in Asia
 Planning Models and Statistical Analysis
 Negotiation and Mediation in Planning
 Environmental Policy in Planning
 Growth Management Planning
 Environmental Planning
 Natural Resource Management
 Wildlife Habitat Ecology & Analysis
 Urban Wildlife Management
 Ecological Microcosms
 Ecosystem Ecology
 Properties of Air Pollutant
 Aquatic Toxicology
 Bio-Statistical Analysis

•Undergraduate Curriculum

 Environmental Law
 Environmental Impact Assessment
 Aquatic Pollutants
 Wetland Delineation
 Recycling & Solid Waste Management
 Environmental Science
 Engineering, & Technology
 Environmental Economics
 Environmental Science
 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology
 Business Marketing and Management

Curriculum Vitae

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