Law Seminar: Shoreline Legal & Regulatory Issues for Sea Level Rise & Adaptation

Co-chair for a two day legal seminar hosting 17 speakers and attended by 70 professionals. As framed by the Seminar Group, climate change is the paramount challenge of this century, posing an urgent and long-term existential threat to our economy, sustainability, security, and way of life. With the fourth longest coastline of all US states and the only island state in the Union, Hawaii is uniquely positioned to be a national leader in climate change adaption as its relates to shoreline laws and regulations, cultural and natural resources management, and coastal community resiliency.

The program highlighted the legal, regulatory, scientific, and cultural aspects of Hawaii’s shoreline management system with particular emphasis on the potential impacts of rising sea levels on Hawaii’s low lying coastal communities, infrastructure, and natural and cultural resources. Presenters represented a diversity of perspectives on shoreline management and legal and regulatory responses to climate change challenges. The Law Seminar brochure describes the agenda which included examples of Sea Level Rise Inundation Areas (SLRXA) projected by the University of Hawaii’s using new online tools. The program also included a unique, engaging, site visit to the active Kuhio Beach Restoration Project in the heart of Waikiki, Oahu.

Site Visit – Kuhio Beach Restoration Project, Waikiki, HI.
Seminar Session Day 1 of 2