Shops in the Historic District

Year:                2014
Project:            Historic District Retail Stores & Cafe
Client:              Waikiki Trader Group
Contact:           Craig Shaner, VP Financial Operations
                         Waikiki Trader Group
                         99-061 Koaha Way, Suite 201
                         Honolulu, Oahu, HI  96815
Telephone:      808-244-7788  and 792-3033
Email:               [email protected]     


Front Street

Permits Obtained:

Discretionary Ministerial Other
Special Management Area (SMA) Exemptions Flood Development Permits Historic District Approvals
Shoreline Setback Approvals Building Permits 14 Historic District Sign Approvals
Environmental Assessment Exemptions Wastewater Treatment Approvals Certificate of Occupancy

Special Circumstances:

The Client manages over a dozen retail shops and a café along Front Street in historic Lahaina Town. A collection of their buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, triggering regulatory review of signs, advertising and architectural elements of each store. We assisted in bringing the collection of retail establishments into compliance, including assisting with 14 sign permits, remedies for violations of unauthorized work performed, and compliance with wastewater treatment requirements for several shops and the café.

The collection of stores are within the special flood hazard zone, shoreline setback area, involves State-leased lands and is within the Special Management Area of Maui County. Multiple, overlapping jurisdictions and conflicting rules and regulations created a challenging, but manageable, regulatory environment. However, the end result was a more consistent, coordinated and appropriate visual marketing experience for tourists and visitors to this block of historic retail establishments.

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