VAN Shoes Retail Store

Year:               2014
Project:          New Retail Establishment Vans3
Client:            VANS SHOES
Contact:         Craig Shaner, VP Financial Operations
                        Waikiki Trader Group
                        99-061 Koaha Way, Suite 201
                        Honolulu, Oahu, HI  96815
Telephone:     808-244-7788  and 792-3033
Email:              [email protected]
Permits Obtained & Processing Time:
  • Discretionary – permits obtained in 41 days
  • Ministerial – permits obtained in 38 days
Discretionary Ministerial Other
Special Management Area (SMA) Exemption Flood Development Permit Historic District Approval
Shoreline Setback Approval Building Permit Historic District Sign Approval
Environmental Assessment Exemption   Certificate of Occupancy

Special Circumstances:

The project was an extremely time-critical use of a Nationally-listed Historic Building. VANS Shoes uses a specific, highly-efficient merchandising system which required interior improvements to the building. The building and retail shop are within the Lahaina National Historic District, necessitating review of signs, advertising, color scheme, architecture and store front elements. The shop is also a special flood hazard zone, within the shoreline setback area, involves State-leased lands and is within the Special Management Area of Maui County. Multiple, overlapping jurisdictions (federal, state and county), as well as sometimes conflicting rules and regulations, made for a challenging regulatory environment, but resulted in an exceptionally well-integrated retail space for this nationally recognized footwear apparel manufacturer and retailer.

Vans2 Vans1

Client Comments:

August 12 Email
Yes, please feel free to use my comments.Thank you for your positive feedback regarding the new locations.   They are both “Very Cool.”   But there is nothing like the Lahaina store.   One of a kind.


August 1 Email
I’m just getting back to my office and was able to walk back through all of the communications for Vans #410 on Front St in Lahaina.   I want to say thank you to each of you for your continuous hard work in helping us get to this point.  As Faye [Otsuka] mentioned, there is no other Vans store like this on the Planet.  No one will ever be come close to the overall beauty of the area and the wonderful nature of the people involved with it.   I’ll be forever grateful and proud to have been part of this project.  Millions of people will walk through the doors during its lifetime, none will ever know what we put into it.  But it will forever be a symbol of our team effort.
Tim Long
Project Manager, Retail Construction
VF Outdoor & Action Sports Coalition
6550 Katella Ave, Cypress, CA 90630
Cell: 714-856-9871  Office: 714-889-3273  Fax: 714-889-6776


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