Lahaina Oceanfront Residential Improvements

Year:                2011-2015
Project 1:          After-The-Fact Interior & Exterior Repairs of the Main Residence
Project 2:          After-The-Fact Repairs to the Oceanfront Rock Revetment
Project 3:          Addition of a Spa, Shed and Landscaping
Project 4:          Interior Floor Repairs
Project 5:          Addition of Solar Panels and Roof Repairs
Project 6:          Emergency Shoreline Hardening for Hurricane Ana
Project 7:          Long-term Shore Protection & Seawall Construction (in process)
Client:             Paul Laub
                        1003 & 1007 Front Steet
                        Lahaina, Maui, HI  96761
Telephone:        (808) 667-7188 Cell 442-2450
Email:               [email protected] and [email protected]


Permits Obtained
Discretionary Ministerial
Special Management Area (SMA) Minor Permits, SMA After-The-Fact Permits and SMA Exemptions Flood Development Permits
Shoreline Setback Approvals Building Permits
Environmental Assessment Exemptions Historic District Approvals
Emergency SMA Approval  
Resolution of SMA Violations  
Special Circumstances:
  – Required proof of non-conforming, legal status of revetment and residence.
  – Resolved unauthorized work on the residential structure and shoreline revetment.


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