Post-Disaster Reconstruction Guidelines & Protocols for Maui County

What should we do on DAY ONE after a major hurricane or coastal disaster?  

To rebuild safer, stronger and smarter, we developed a novel, innovative approach for government review and permitting of reconstruction and repairs to buildings and homes damaged by a hurricane or major coastal storm.  This contemporary, pertinent regulatory program is briefly described in the Executive Summary and Substantial Damage Determination Flow Chart. 

We developed Post-Disaster Reconstruction Guidelines & Protocols for Maui County that serve as a template for government actions tailored to unique community needs, including remote locations.

The project included site visits, outreach and engagement of the underserved communities of Molokai, Hana/Kaupo, and Hawaiian Home Lands, and focus group workshops in Paia, Lahaina, and Kihei. A Project Advisory Group comprised of stakeholders from the construction, vacation rental, condominium, hotel, and media sectors, and civil defense, public works, parks and other government entities, provided critical guidance and ground-truthing of the ideas and options generated. The final report included 70 recommendations for the County to consider implementing, as well as tailored messages for each community based on its vulnerabilities and exposure that should be considered in the aftermath of a major coastal storm event. The project significantly improves the County’s ability to respond to a hurricane and help the Island’s communities rebuild in a more resilient manner.

Year:                2014-2015
Project:            Post-Disaster Reconstruction Guidelines and Protocols
Client:              Maui County Planning Department
Contact:           Jim Buika, Shoreline Planner
                        Suite 619, One Main Plaza
                        2200 Main Street
                        Wailuku, Maui, HI  96793
Telephone:      808-270-6271
Email:              [email protected] 




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