Erosion Crisis Response

In January, 2016, huge waves exceeding 50 feet high pounded Maui’s north shore. The huge surf telegraphed wave energy over the reef and into nearshore waters resulting in damage to seawalls and private property. Coastal Planners worked with the private landowner to create a unique restoration site where a large portion of the seawall was removed and replaced with a sand buffer.

A tall seawall retained an elevated yard before storm damage in early 2016.
The storm damaged the seawall causing it to crack and lean 15 degrees forward and the rear yard shifted downhill and seaward creating a public safety issue.
After removal of the upper portion of the seawall, a sand buffer was created behind the lower base of the wall, providing a more natural, attractive interface between land, beach and sea.
The outcome provided improved visual amenities and shoreline access for the owner and the public.