Environmental Consultant

CoastalZone.com, 362 Kolohala Drive, Kula, HI 96790. Offering professional services since 1997.

  • Delegate to the World Congress on Protected Areas or “World Parks Congress” held in Durban South Africa. Contributed to marine protected area policy for review by the Convention of Biological Diversity with follow-on submission to the United Nations.
  • Fully authored and designed the Division’s website viewable and protected areas program website.
  • Fully and singly responsible for the CNMI to be the first State or Territory to complete an inventory of its marine protected and marine managed areas for NOAA’s mpa.gov website and for the Coral Reef Initiative.
  • Fully responsible singly responsible for contributing to the IUCN WWF publication Marine Management Effectiveness Indicators by evaluating and assessing governance indicators for the Bird Island Marine Sanctuary and adjacent Wildlife Conservation Area.
  • International experience throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim, Australia, Europe and Canada.
  • Awarded $20,000 in funding to design a constructed wetland to treat storm water runoff in the CNMI.
  • Provided regulatory guidance for a wastewater treatment constructed wetland at a new USFWS coastal visitor center located in sensitive habitat.
  • Authored a long-term stewardship and conservation management plan for a unique property containing rare flora and historic resources. The property was donated to a non-profit trust for public use and enjoyment..
  • Developed outreach and education materials, brochures and presentations for natural resource protection and coral reef conservation for non-profit organizations in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, PA and Florida.
  • Promoted low-impact SCUBA diving through exhibits and educational material to enhance awareness.
  • Developed sustainable coastal land use planning alternatives with Indigenous stakeholder participation.
  • Experienced in market forecasts, business plan development, deliverables, and P&L statements.
  • 15 years experience in sales, marketing, management, client and stakeholder development services.

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